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My 17 B-day is in 5 months and 12 Days! ♥

Hey its Brittney! I'm a Sophmore at J H S .. Go Canes..

yeah enough for school spirit. Well, I'm about 5'4 I have dark brown/black hair, blue eyes, yeah. I have great friends, ya'll know who you are, but to name a few..
**Leslie**- You never call me.. that hurts! Lol so many good times, so little bad times! Your
Great! Thanks for always bein there for me!
**Adri**- You're such a great listener. I know we've had our times, things get kinna rough, everything gets better again, thanks for everything! I *heart* you!
**Lindsay**- So many great times in Jazz band! Haha we really are band geeks! You have great parties, and I can talk to you about everything.
**Whitney**- Haha get crunk! Your my lovely rap buddy! Thanks for being there, when I was in complaining moods.. the Nelly concert was great.. the lovely times with David and DD.. lol
**Holly**- Spooge! Omg haven't said that since 8th grade! Haha.. oopsie, I broke santa.. I felt really bad but ima fix it nail with glue!

-Well thats all for now, but if you want a shout out jusut tell me and I'll will asap!


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